ByAlegory Acrylic Organizers Review

June 27, 2014

Any makeup lovers out there? Well i know i am! I am so 
happy to share with you all these amazing acrylic organizers 
from ByAlegory! When i tell you that they are amazing i am 
not lying! They come in a couple different colors and are super 
sturdy. Iv'e seen a couple clear organizers at different stores 
and they are probably double the price and not the best 
quality like these. 

ByAlegory sent me the 3 organizers that they have which 
are the lipstick holder, lipgloss holder & the compact 

Here we have the Lipstick Holder it holds 24 lipsticks. 
I went ahead and put different brand lipsticks so you can 
see some of the different sizes it holds. 

And here we have my absolute favorite the Lip Gloss 
holder! Ok so what i love about this one is as you can see in 
the pictures it is not only for lip gloss. You can fit so much 
product on here its crazy from brushes, liners, mascaras, 
lipgloss, concealer and more. I believe ByAlegory are the 
only ones that make this kind of holder so its definitely 
one of a kind & it also holds 24. 

Lastly here is the Compact Holder. This one will also fit 
different products as you can see here but i like this one 
mainly to store my compacts. It looks better that way. 
This compact holder will hold 8 and will fit most sizes. 

Here is a picture of where i am currently storing 
my compact holder. I wanted to show you that it 
fits perfectly into my Ikea Alex 5 Drawer and it also 
closes perfectly. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as did. 
Be sure to visit ByAlegory and get to organizing 
your makeup stash you won't regret it! Sign up for 
their mailing list and you get 10% off your purchase. 

Day to Night Crop Top Collab

June 20, 2014

Hello lovelies i have been so busy that i have not been 
able to upload more outfits here on my blog but if you 
follow me on instagram here i usually post there even 
when i can't write a full post. :) 

This week i have collaborated with another fashion 
blogger to bring you another edition of day to night this 
time featuring crop tops. 

I love how both Joan and I both did nude lips for our 
day time look and then went with bold lips for the 
night time. Check out Joan's blog here for her outfit 
details & also follow her on instagram here

Day Time Outfit Details: 
Top: H&M/ Skort: Persunmall/ Bag, Shoes: Target/ 
Lipstick: Milani #26 

Night Time Outfit Details: 
Top: H&M/ Skort: Persunmall/ Blazer: Kohl's/ Shoes: Zara 
Lipstick: Milani #20 

Style Q & A with Poshinality

June 6, 2014

The weekend is finally here although that doesn't really matter 
any more once you are a mommy haha. 

About a week and a half ago or so i was able to do a quick Q&A 
with Poshinality a new brand of nail polish that is vegan and 
toxin-free and celebrates individuality and personal fashion style! 
Each of their polishes are named after a personality style of 
fashion or individuality. 

Please click here and read my Q&A! Also don't forget to follow 
them via InstagramTwitter, & Facebook
Check out all the beautiful nail colors here and let me 
know what you think of my Q&A. 

Florals from Day to Night Collab - Night Look

June 3, 2014

Outfit Details: 
Top: Target here/ Jeans: Old Navy/ Heels: Kohl's/ 
Bag: H&M here/ Sunnies: Ray Bans here 

Happy tuesday! Like i mentioned yesterday i did a collab 
with Nikki from Its Nikki's World to bring you day to 
night looks using florals as our theme. For my night look 
i wanted to pair this very pastel top with some dark 
skinny jeans, pointy black heels and a black handbag. 
I also changed my jewelry to silver and added a bright bold 
lip perfect for a date night or just fun out on the town. 
Check her blog here to see her night look. 

See my two looks together here. Did you like them? 
Let me know which look you like best! 
See you on my next post. xoxo. 

Florals from Day to Night Collab - Day Look

June 2, 2014

Outfit Details: 
Top & Shorts: Target here and here/ Shoes: Charlotte Russe 

Im back this week with a collaboration with fashion blogger 
Nikki from ItsNikkisWorld. We have teamed up to bring you 
day to night floral looks. I will be posting our night look 
tomorrow so stay tuned for that. I will be styling around this 
gorgeous colorful floral top so for my day time look i paired 
it with some high waisted distressed shorts and these strappy 
heels, perfect for a daytime lunch. make sure to check out 
Nikki's pictures on her blog ( here ) and follow her on 
instagram ( here ) for tomorrows look as well. 

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