Milani Everyday Eyeshadow Collection Palettes Review & Swatches: 01 and 02

February 28, 2016

Milani has been my favorite drugstore brand of all time so I was very 
excited when they released eyeshadow palettes. I'm sure by now you have 
noticed that the drugstore has been stepping up their game. However 
most eyeshadow palettes that have been released have been bad but 
of course Milani saves the day. 

The collection has 6 palettes total all with different color palettes. I only 
picked up the two that I know I would put to good use. They are priced at 
$9.99 and I picked up mine at CVS when they had their sale on Milani 
products for BOGO half off. The palette has 6 shades total as you can see 
in the pictures. The pigmentation is spot on specially for being drugstore. 
Like I said before these Milani palettes really surprised me when it 
came to pigmentation. (Just look at the swatches) They colors are very 
soft and buttery. Here are the swatches... 

01 Must Have Naturals 

02 Bare Necessities 

I haven't tried the other 4 palettes within the collection but I'm sure 
they are just as good. I definitely recommend them and out of the 
2 that I have I really love Bare Necessities. Until next time..


  1. This eyeshadow is TDF! Love the light shimmer and neutral shades.

    1. Its so pretty. The quality is so good too :)

  2. Bare necessities looks amazing! I can't wait to buy it! Great post! Xo

  3. Wow Arleene, I am absolutely in love with the colors of these palletes! Such beautiful and rich brown tomes.

    I am so bummed they don't sell the brand here in Europe.
    I need to pick these up when I am back over there ;)

    Great review hun, thanks for sharing!

    xx Tamara Chloé,

    1. They are truly beautiful. Im glad they sell them online that way you can try them out. :)

  4. Owh I just noticed they have an online store :) yay!


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