My Top 5 Spring Must Haves

April 26, 2018

Hey guys! Even though we are half way through spring I still wanted to share with you my spring favorites. I know some states up north are actually still having snow which it's crazy. I couldn't do it, I need my hot, warm weather all year long. Hooray for Florida am I right? Okay, enough chit chat let me show my spring must haves!

Giovanni's and Daniel's Room Tour

April 2, 2018

Happy Monday! As promised, I am finally sharing my boys room tour. The room is not 100% done yet but I haven't been able to find the curtains, rug, and light fixture that I want for their room and I didn't want to keep holding it off till then. 

My kids have always shared a room together. We do have an extra room in the house but keeping them together is something that I chose to do. I grew up sharing a room with my siblings until a certain age and those are some of my favorite memories. I want my boys to share those same moments I did because I know one day they will cherish those memories. 

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