Celebrating Valentine's Day As A Family

February 10, 2018

Who's ready for Valentine's day? I am! This year I wanted to share with you all how you can celebrate valentine's day as a family! As parents all we want is some alone time with our significant other right? Valentine's day is a good day to leave the kids with the babysitter but it's actually fun to celebrate it as a family too.

Top 10 Valentines Gift Ideas For Her

January 24, 2018

Valentine's day is less than a month away and now is the time you start thinking of what you are getting that special someone. Wether it's for your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt, friend, or co-worker start planning now. A tip from me to you is to take your time and really pay attention to that special someone. 

Classic Waffle Recipe

January 16, 2018

This year I really want to post as many recipes as possible. One thing that you may or may have not known about me is my love for food. I can literaly eat all day long if you let me. However, when it comes to breakfast I can't just eat eggs and toast. I need something sweet like waffles, pancakes, or muffins. My family usually prefers pancakes but after getting this recipe right these waffles might just make it into our routine. 

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