SJP New Collection

March 10, 2014

This past saturday Sarah Jessica Parker known as Carrie Bradshaw 
from Sex In The City was at nordstrom so of course i just had to 
go. I didn't get to personally meet her because to do so you had to 
purchase something from her collection and i didn't just have $400 
to spare Lol but just getting to see her and take some pictures was 
ok for me. I met a fellow blogger there too so we had some fun 
and tried on a pair from her collection and took some pictures. 


  1. Such beautiful shoes!! I love SJP - what a cool experience!

  2. $400 for shoes?! Lord Jesus. I would have passed as well lol. But they do look cute!


  3. Hey :) wow you are so pretty!
    I just found your blog and I really love your style and aesthetic! I’m actually writing a blog myself! I’d love if you’d come take a look and follow, if you like!
    And I actually have 26K Followers on Facebook and I would share you too!

    PS: If you follow, let me know by commenting on my most recent post. Then I'll skip over to your blog and follow you back! :]]

    And OMG you got to meet SJP!! Love the shoes!!


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