New Milani Matte Lipsticks Lip Swatches

January 19, 2015

If you follow Milani Cosmetics on instagram then you know by now 
that they came out with 8 new matte lipsticks! I am obssesed with their 
regular statement lipsticks so i had to try these too. They are a matte 
finish but they feel very moisterizing on the lips so thats a plus. Out of 
the 8 shades they came out with i picked only the ones that i knew i 
would wear often and i love them! My favorites have to be Matte Glam 
& Matte Confident but really i love them all! Lol My husband saw me 
swatching these last night and when he saw the purple one on me he was 
like ummm no i don't like it lol but I'm still wearing it anyway it's too 
pretty not to besides what does he know about lipstick haha.
 Have you tried these? Which is your favorite? 



  1. wow, those purples
    keep in touch

  2. These are gorgeous! I cannot get over how beautiful that purple shade is!

  3. Beautiful shades, I love the purple one - it's so modern!

  4. Really cool shades dear, love the red!


  5. Love the purple ones :)


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