Glamer Lips Natural Lip Scrub Review

August 26, 2015


With liquid lipsticks being all the hype right now it's very important that 
your lips are exfoliated. So many brands are coming out with liquid 
lipsticks right now and you find a lot of people complaining that their 
lipsticks crumbles off thats where Glamer Lips comes in handy! 

I have being using my Glamer Organic Lip Scrub this past week every 
two days and my lips have never felt better. They are soft and plump. 
I have used other lip scrubs in the past and lets just say that was money 
down the drain. This one however is great, tastes yummy :), and has 
actually worked for me. The one i have is the coconut one but they also 
carry other delicious flavors :) I really hope that you guys check them out
I promise you will love them just as much as i do.

How I Use It: Before i apply a liquid lipstick I apply a small amount 
on my lips and gently massage for about a minute. Then I rinse off 
and apply the Glamer Lip Balm

Here is a few info from the website: 
-USDA Organic 
-Cruelty Free & Vegan 
-Eliminates dry, flaky skin and leaves lips extra soft & moisturized 
-Comes in variety of flavors 

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  1. I must try that lip scrub, it looks fantastic!


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