Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour Sticks

November 19, 2015

Hey loves so how many of us know how to contour and how many of us 
are still learning? Well i know it took me quite sometime to get it right. 
We all have a different face shape so what could work for me might not 
work for you or vise versa. So todays post is about a new product that 
recently hit the stores. Im talking about the Cameo Contour Stick by 
Pur Cosmetics. It claims that it is suppose to make contouring easy for 
everyone like i said before wether its your first time trying or not. 

The contour stick is a dual-ended stick that allows you to emphasize 
your face's natural highlights and lowlights. It claims that it will blur 
out your imperfections and it will also set to a powder finish. 
It retails for $39.50 and includes a blending sponge. It is also 
available in 5 different shades: Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, & Deep. 

My experience: 

Finding my color was actually quite easy you will see right off the bat 
which color is best suitable for you just by looking at them. I am in the 
color medium. It does say in the instructions to apply your foundation on 
before you use the contour stick. I applied my foundation then went right 
in with the stick it was very easy to work with and blended out great. I 
did feel how ever the contour shade did sheer out a bit with the blending 
but thats only because i prefer a more intense contour and this stick gave 
me a more natural look which now that i think about it its actually 
better because its perfect for everyday looks. Overall i love the product! 
It does what its suppose to and was fairly easy to blend out. Oh and it did 
set to a powder finish which is a plus because i didn't have to set it after. 

If you are looking to start learning how to contour i suggest you give 
these a try they are very easy to work with and the good thing is they 
come with the blending sponge. Sometimes when buying a contour palette 
you might not know what shade to use and end up using a bronzer to 
contour and then you look all orange or what has happened to me is i buy 
a contour palette and end up only using 2 or 3 shades then i just have 
other shades never used which sucks when you think about how much you 
paid and not being able to use the whole palette. I hope you guys try this 
out and let me know if you like it! :)


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