Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longer Liquid Eyeliner Mini Review & Swatches

September 6, 2016

Urban Decay released these bad boys about a month ago, if I'm not mistaken. I have tried 5 out of the 9 shades I have here. However there are 20 colors to choose from. They retail for $22 and are available at and  Sephora. The website claims that they are 

-Intensely Pigmented 
-Have a water-resistant formula 
-Long lasting wear that won't budge 

So I put them to the test and it's safe to say that they passed! While the formula was pretty consistent throughout most of the colors except for 2 of the lighter shades. The two lighter shades did require for me to build up the pigmentation but the staying power was the same with all of them. I swatched all shades on my arm and ran the water on them to try and smudge them off & they stayed put. They lasted me about 10 hours with no smudging or fading. At the end of the night they came off very easily with make-up remover without me having to rub my eyes hard. 

What I loved most about them was the fine tip, I usually struggle with applying eyeliner and this razor sharp tip made it fairly easy for me to apply. If I had to rate these liners on a scale from 1-10 I would definitely give them a 9! Please share with me in the comments below what your favorite Urban Decay product is and why I would love to know.  

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