How I Organize My Refrigerator

September 29, 2017

When it comes to organization I feel that things function better when everything has a spot. Growing up my room was probably the one organized room in my moms house. I've always loved to have a clean and tidy space so of course that would be the case in our home. 

When we bought our house one thing that I was most excited about was shopping for new appliances. I originally wanted one of those refrigerators with the french doors only because I really liked how they looked until we got it delivered and it turned out to be horrible (at least for us). We couldn't fit any of our groceries in properly, it was a mess. We went back to the store and my husband picked out the refrigerator we have now. I love that we have so much space and can move the shelves according to our needs. Ok enough about my fridge let me show you how I organize inside and how it works for our family. 

In the top portion of our fridge we like to keep all of our drinks. We mostly drink water so it's usually filled up with water but every now and then we get some soda, coffee, or beer. Underneath our drinks I have the eggs and yogurts. To the side of that I leave it empty for any left overs we may have throughout the week. On the third shelve I keep our milk and fruits. The fruits change from time to time but what I like to do is wash the fruits right after I buy them so I can have them accessible for all of us at all times. They are also low enough so the kids can open the fridge and grab them. 

In the center of the fridge we have a drawer so I keep all our deli meats and cheeses in there. Right underneath that is my boys shelf. I will usually pack Giovanni's lunch in the morning but sometimes he helps me and he can simply go in there and grab one of each. The first container holds the drinks, the second holds usually yogurt or fruit cups, and the third is actually a soda container but I use it for their cheese sticks and snack size carrots. 

Last but not least we have the two drawers at the bottom. I use them to store all of my herbs and vegetables. I know potatoes and onions are supposed to be stored in a bag but I like to keep mine in the fridge. It's not only easier for me but I don't have much cabinet space left to store anything else. What I did was put a container in the drawer to hold the onions so that it helps keep the fridge clean from the onion skin. That way all I have to do is remove the container and dump any skin into the trash. The tomatoes I buy come in a container themselves so I love that I can just put then in there too and not have to worry about them rolling all over the place. The containers really help keep everything together and prevent any food from getting lost in the back and rotting. 

As for my refrigerator door I keep the basic things. At the very top I have butter, garlic and other items. Below that is my creamer and sometimes extra water bottles. Then right in the middle I store the juice. Again right in the middle is easily accessible for the kids. The last two holds the rest of our condiments. All of my containers I purchased from either Amazon, home goods, or marshalls. Amazon usually has good deals on whole sets of containers so you save some money. I will link some down below incase you are interested. I would love to do a post on how I store my groceries in my cabinets since I don't have a pantry if you guys are interested in seeing that let me know in the comment section or on Instagram. 

Products mentioned: 

Refrigerator Stainless-Steel

Clear Containers 6 Piece Set ,  4 Piece Set

Core Kitchen Berry Crate- Homegoods

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