Black Friday Shopping Tips!

November 17, 2017

Black Friday is definitely one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year for most of us. Black Friday is following the day after Thanksgiving, which many take as an official day to start holiday shopping. Stores roll out their biggest sales of the year. Within the last few years though we have seen black Friday move to Thursday. This year they have even started the black Friday deals sooner. I put together a few tips that can help you get through that shopping trip a lot smoother.

  1. Make A Plan/List- Start off by making a list of what it is that you really want to get your hands on. Maybe a specific toy for the kids? Appliances or electronics? What ever it is write it down. Once you have that list down it's time for step number 2.
  2. Research, Research, Research- Do your research! Most retailers begin rolling out the ads ahead of time. You can actually find some ads online right now. Once you find all the ads of the retailers that you need to go to start comparing prices on the items on your list. Some retailers offer a free gift card with a purchase of a certain amount so keep that in mind. If one item is cheaper at store A but you can get a free gift card at store B than you automatically know which is a better deal. Also, be sure to ask a sales associate if their store will roll out a map of where the sales items will be located on that day.
  3. Teamwork- If you know someone that is going to the same store as you work together as a team. Black Friday is a crazy, thrilling experience because everyone is literally running to get to the items they want. If your friend, family member, or spouse are going with you remember to split up. Each one of you can take a different direction in the store. 
  4. Get an early start- Like I mentioned earlier some retailers release the ads ahead of time and some retailers even begin some of the sale prices a few days before. So keep an eye out on that and take advantage.
  5. Safety first- As exciting as this shopping day is the one thing we need to keep in mind at all times is our safety. Make sure to take a purse that will securely close and keep it with you at all times. There will be large crowds so its best to keep belongings in front pockets. Be alert of your surroundings when you leave the store. If possible try to walk to your car when other people are outside too and look around you to make sure no one is following you to your car. 
  6. Should I bring my kids?- The best answer is no, there will be people pushing and you don't want your little ones to get hurt. However if you have no one to watch your kids and you have to take them with you make sure you pack plenty of healthy snacks in your bag. You will be dealing with long lines, kids get impatient, maybe even fussy. Having snacks is a good way to keep them busy and happy. 
  7. Skip it and go online shopping- If black Friday is not for you, skip it! Not everyone enjoys going out and waiting in lines. If thats the case for you, you can sit at home and enjoy some online shopping. Some retailers actually have the same doorbuster deals online at the same time as their doors open. 


  1. These tips are fantastic! I know Black Friday can be a little intimidating, so these are definitely super useful.


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