2017 Holiday Gift Guide | Top 5 Tech Toys For Kids

December 3, 2017

Shopping for kids can be fun but sometimes a hassle. In my personal opinion though toys that serve as a dual purpose are my favorite. Giving children gifts that are not only fun but educational is the way to go. I have put together my top 5 tech toys that both girls and boys can enjoy and benefit from.

1. Square Panda- square panda is a phonics learning play set that helps kids 2-8 learn to read through fun games. The playset uses physical and digital learning to engage kids through the age appropriate games. Every play session helps children explore the alphabet, letter sounds, discover rhymes, build vocabulary and more. The square panda play set is by far my favorite! BUY HERE

2. V-Tech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX- The V-Tech smartwatch is a great gift that will do more than tell time. The V-Tech Smartwatch has fun games and activities that can help kids with simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. Children are also able to take pictures and videos with the watch. Pretty cool if you ask me. This watch is intended for ages 4-9 and comes in two colors blue and violet.  BUY HERE

 3. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle- Another great gift for young children is this Think & Learn Smart Cycle. The concept is the more kids pedal, the more they learn. The smart cycle is equipped with bluetooth technology, it has games that helps kids learn letters, phonics, spelling, rhyming and more. Intended for kids aged 36 months- 6 years.  BUY HERE

4. Osmo Genius Kit- The Osmo kit is designed for kids aged 5-12. Osmo is a game system that fosters creativity and problem solving skills through hands on play. It encourages visual thinking, problem solving , and creative drawing skills. BUY HERE

5. Kano Computer Kit- With this Kano computer kit your child can learn to code art, games, and music. The playful step by step challenges lets them use simple code blocks, type code, and linux command. Kano teaches children to create, not consume technology. Kano computer kit is intended for ages 6-14 years. BUY HERE 

This holiday season give your children fun gifts that will keep them entertained but at the same time will help them learn and encourage them to create. Happy holidays!

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