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April 8, 2019

It's been a while since I wanted to write this post but just never got around to it. For those of you that have been following my blog for a while now, know that I gave birth to all three of my kids via c-section. There is so much stigma still to this day about c-sections and in all honesty it's ridiculous. I would never allow those comments to get to me but c-section shaming has mentally affected so many women out there. It doesn't matter how your child came into this world. We are all mothers.

When I had Giovanni, never did I expect that I would have to have an emergency c-section. Sometimes things don't go as planned and that's okay. After being in labor for more than 18 hours, contractions and all I had to be rushed to have an emergency c-section because Giovanni's heart rate was dropping. The amount of stress that I felt as I was being wheeled from one room to another was on another level. A cesarean section is a major surgery, why people think that is the easy way out baffles me. 

[ Giovanni 6lbs. 7oz. ]

I've had people say: "oh you had a c-section, you had it easy." "you didn't have to push." 

Im sorry but what part of it was easy? The part where they had to cut my abdomen, move my organs around to safely take my baby out? Or recovery, where I could barely get up and walk? This whole c-section stigma needs to stop. I have read other women's stories where they have been told that "they didn't give birth, they just had surgery" 

When I got pregnant the second time as well as with my last. I was told that because I was a previous cesarean I had to have my future pregnancies like that as well because of all the risks involved. I'm pretty sure that's not true because I know women that have had c-sections and then had babies vaginally. But in my case and my doctor I didn't have much of a choice. And even though both Daniel and Mia where scheduled c-sections the word scheduled doesn't mean that the process would be smooth. The only thing that was different was that I was able to mentally prepare myself for what was to come since I knew what to expect.

[ C-Section with Daniel. ]

Since Daniel was a scheduled c-section I remember people would tell me "Well at least you don't have to feel pain from the contractions this time around." Again, things did not go as planned. I gave birth to Daniel two weeks before my scheduled c-section. I remember that day it was pouring rain and my husband was at work. I started having horrible contractions and I had to get Giovanni and I ready and drive us to the hospital all while getting contractions every couple minutes. The doctor said to me as soon as your husband gets here we will prep you and get you into surgery. A couple hours later Daniel was born. 

[ Daniel 6lbs. 8oz. ]

Mia was also a planned cesarean but she came out early as well. I was scheduled to have her on New Years and she came two days after Christmas. I was already feeling contractions here and there prior to that day but nothing too bad. The 27th I was shopping at target when my contractions started getting worse. My husband had to get out of work early to bring me to the hospital so I can be monitored. The doctors didn't want to go ahead and roll me in because they thought my contractions would slow down once I got an IV. Well a couple hours in and my contractions were less than a minute apart, I was screaming and clearly in active labor. I was in so much pain that I thought I was going to pass out. I didn't know this but my husband was keeping track of what was going on that day and his note said "6:30 P.M. Contractions gone wild" thinking about it now it makes me laugh because he was spot on. An hour and a half later they finally wheeled me into surgery and in less than an hour Mia was born.

[C-Section with Mia. My hair ended up all knotted from me curling into a ball from all the pain. Plus the nurse that was monitoring my vitals during surgery kept moving my cap around asking me if I was okay]

[ Mia 6lbs. 5oz. ]

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a women's life. You are anticipating the arrival of your baby and just want them to come into this world healthy. So whether you have your baby vaginally or via cesarean, you are a bad ass woman! Giving birth is no walk in the park for neither procedure. So why the comparisons? Every one has a different experience! What happened to me doesn't mean it has to happen to you. That is why we all have our own unique birthing stories.

I read this online (here) and I wanted to share:

You see, the language we use to differentiate between vaginal births and Caesareans robs C-section moms of any sense of ownership over how their children were born. “Natural birth” implies that C-section births are “unnatural.” Women whose babies are born vaginally give birth, whereas women whose babies are born via surgery have a C-section. Vaginal births are something you accomplish; Caesareans are something that happen to you. See the distinction?

Giving birth is a beautiful thing, it's an unforgettable experience, it's the most rewarding experience of life. It doesn't matter which way our kids came into the world, what matters is that they are healthy, that they are happy, and that they are loved.

April is Cesarean Awareness Month. Let's spread positivity. Every birth is beautiful.
What's your story?


  1. Not going to lie - prior to having my son, I was all for getting a c-section, so I could just schedule it and know exactly when it was happening. That being said, I did wind up scheduling his birth but I was induced instead and everything went smoothly! My mom had a c-section for me. And you're right, it is major surgery so people need to stop writing it off as something simple.

  2. All the women who give birth are indeed strong. They hold the power to bear all the pains and embrace their new born baby. Sure, your post will enlighten many people. :)

  3. Both my kids are cesarean and don't regret one bit. I had complications and it happens. I know if I were to have another baby it will still be a c section.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I've never had a C-section before but respect those who have. I don't get people who compare.

  5. As a mom myself, I try not to take other people's comments about my parenting or choices seriously. Everyone is different and you're going to have different needs than the next mom. I think people shaming you for having a C-Section is incredibly immature... it's none of their business why you did it, that's between you and your doctor. I'm glad it all worked out in the end though, you have beautiful babies.

  6. You have really beautiful kids and it was worth any pain and Caesarean section! I'm not a mom yet, but I think I'll have to decide on the same way of giving birth, as I've got quite a poor sight. :)

  7. What matters is you have a healthy baby. I had a c-section with my first and the recovery was longer than my vbac babies.

  8. Congratulations on your family additions! Glad to hear they are doing well. I will never forget the births of my two girls and the truly wonderful teams of nurses, doctors and midwives all playing their parts. Amazing stuff.

  9. Girl preach it! Mother of three via C-section as well. On top of that I’m also a military mom so trying to recover from a C-section and a very short period of time to be within standards is definitely not easy. It’s silly to compare. Safety for mom and baby is always paramount. I appreciate you sharing your story especially since it’s so relatable!

  10. Congratulations on having a new baby. It is the best thing that can happen to any woman. The pictures are absolutely awesome.

  11. Yay congratulations on your family! I've never had a baby myself but I think it's so important to share these stories.

  12. I wonder when we will stop competing as mothers in every sphere. Most moms try to do the best they can and how they can!

  13. Such a powerful post!! Thank you for being one of the wondermoms of the world!! You deserve the best!

  14. My mom underwent 3 of them too. It is not easy, but your babies are so beautiful.

  15. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment<3 It's definitely a unique feeling and a beautiful stage in a women's life. I agree with you. It doesn't matter how the baby was born, what's important is that that baby is welcomed with love and a caring family. Congrats!


  16. <3 I cannot believe that people have minimized other women's experiences with C-section births. Someone in my life had to have one as an emergency and it was one of my most terrifying things. That takes huge courage and shouldn't be compared with "natural" birth. Same with whether or not people use painkillers. It's all personal. It's all important.

  17. I'm the happy mom of two teenage boys. Both were born by c-section. My business so I never paid attention to what people say. Your babies are so cute. they were big and tall! May God bless them!


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