July 10, 2020

Shopping for wreaths can get pretty pricey. Especially when you need multiples. I found some really simple minimalist wired wreaths at Hobby Lobby while shopping for my daughters birthday party but each one was around $14.99 and up. Mind you I needed six for the project I had in mind. I knew I could make them myself so I bought everything I needed for only $18!! I did already have some of the items I needed like glue sticks and floral wire but even if you had to buy that it would still be very affordable because you can find that at the dollar store. 

Alright so let's go over the steps. First things first, lay out the wire wreaths. Then you are going to measure how much of the wreath you want covered and cut the pieces accordingly. I am working with six wreaths and the garland I purchased is 6ft long.

I cut out:
2 -12in pieces
2 -10in pieces
2 -8in pieces

And I had about 10 inches left over which I used to decorate the cake stand which you'll see at the end of this post.

Once I had my pieces I slayed them out how I liked and use my glue gun to attach it. To reinforce the hold I then went in with the floral wire and looped it around in areas I wanted extra hold for example the ends and middle.
And that's it! Super simple right? Now you can hang these up multiple ways but I wanted to incorporate wood beads and elongate the look. I cut about 8-10in pieces of the cord and started adding the beads. I added 5 beads to each wreath and tied it at the top. Then cut off some of the excess.  Super easy!!

(above is how I used the left over piece)

I loved making these and especially loved how affordable it was. The good thing about these wreaths is that you can customize them how ever you want! I used them for both my daughters diy at home photoshoot and then hung them up behind the cake table at her birthday party.

Products used:

Cream Cord
Round wood beads 50ct
Lamb's Ear Garland
3 Piece Gold Wire Wreath Rings

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