MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review & Swatches: Back in Vogue & Dance With Me

January 26, 2016

MAC released the anticipated release of their liquid lipsticks on Jan 7 with a total of 
15 different shades and they retail for $20 (US). Which means my review on these is 
a little late but better late than never right? I have tested these bad boys out for a whole 
2 weeks and I wanted to give my honest opinion. I have tried them with out lip balm 
and with it. First off lets talk about the packaging, I actually really like it I love that 
they kept the black bullet top like their regular lipsticks. The applicator is hands down 
my favorite out of all the liquid lipsticks I own, the pointed tip makes it perfect to get 
the precise application. 

Here are the swatches. 

Back In Vogue 

When I first saw swatches of this nude I was like I need it now. Don't get me 
wrong but the color is beautiful and I feel it looks really great on my skin tone 
(light-medium). However the formula was just a huge no for me. I think that we 
all fall into the social media hype when it comes to makeup products so I kept 
telling myself well maybe It will be different with a lip balm. I tried it with a lip 
balm and all though it helped tremendously it did feel very dry and started 
cracking on me maybe 3 hours in. The color pay off though did last up to 8 hrs 
on me even with eating. Even though its not my favorite formulation the color is 
so pretty that I still wear it but I only wear it like if I'm running errands and want 
some color on my lips.  

Dance With Me 

This color not only is it perfection but the formula on this one was completely 
different. It was still just a little bit drying but its expected with liquid lipsticks. 
The wear with this one was great though. It lasted me about 10 hrs including eating 
and it did not crack on me. I did use the lip balm with it too. I absolutely love this 
one, I did hear a few people say that this one transfers onto drinks but it didn't 
happen to me. 

Over all I guess we can say its a love hate relationship with these. Im glad I didn't 
pick up more than these two because in all honesty for $20 I think you are better off 
picking up Kat Von D or Anastasia. I do really love Dance With Me and I recommend 
this color if you want to try any of the MAC ones. The pigmentation and wear time was 
amazing. I would say don't pick up any of the nudes. I do notice that most liquid 
lipsticks nudes tend to crack a lot and those crusty lips are not flattering on anyone. 
Have you tried the MAC ones? Did you have a different experience with them? 
Please share it in the comments so anyone else reading can see. 
Thanks for stopping by again! 


  1. Great review! At first I couldn't stand it! But I've come to love it! It lasts through my dinners and the colors are beautiful!

    1. My red one does last all day but not the nude :/


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