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August 20, 2018

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The moment we found out we were expecting my husband and I started the conversation of "What do you think it is? What if it's another boy? What if it's a girl? What names do you like? etc." We had so many questions and so many emotions running through our head. Regardless of what the sex of the baby was going to be we were excited! 

As most of you know I have two boys so I think it's safe to say naturally we would be hoping for a girl this time around. This pregnancy was very different than both of my boys which led me to believe the baby could possibly be a girl but then I always changed my guess to a boy because I lost a lot of weight like I did with the boys. My husband on the other hand never changed his guess and always stuck with " I know for a fact it's a girl ". 

We wanted to find out the gender as soon as possible so I did some research and came across a company called SneakPeek. SneakPeek test is an at-home prenatal gender test. It was designed to let you take the gender DNA test in a stress free environment in the comfort of your home and be done as early as 9 weeks! SneakPeek is 99% accurate based on laboratory testing. The best part is you can find out if your baby is a girl or a boy in 72 hours! 

I decided to do the test and we had my results sent to my sister-in-law's email. That way we could be able to do a small gender reveal with our family. The photos from this gender reveal were taken before our actual baby announcement pictures which I shared with you all in my last post. That is why my bump is a lot smaller here. I asked you all to guess the gender on my baby announcement post on Instagram and most of you said girl.... 

I am thrilled to announce that 

BABY #3 




SneakPeek: Website , Instagram , Facebook 

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