We're pregnant with baby number 3!!

August 8, 2018

Surprise!! Our family is growing and we are thrilled! Baby number 3 is due early January 2019! I still can't believe we are going to be a family of 5. I am nervous but most of all excited for whats to come.


was definitely hard. Harder than both of my previous pregnancies. The morning sickness was an all day thing. I wasn't able to keep any food down unless I took a nap right after I ate to help me not get nauseous. I lost over 10 lbs, but I expected that because with both my pregnancies I lost weight in the first trimester. What made the first trimester even worse was that I caught a cold too and it lasted almost two weeks because as you know there is no medicine that I could take that would be safe during pregnancy, let alone during the first trimester. 


So far things are going well. I am half way into my second trimester which means I am 18 weeks. We already know the gender of the baby too. We've known for a while now actually thanks to SneakPeekTest but I will share more info on that in my next post when I share the gender reveal. The baby is nice and healthy and is already kicking like crazy especially at night. 

I have to say the best part about this pregnancy has been seeing how excited the boys are for a new baby. Even though they are rooting for a baby T-Rex or a baby Raptor. Lol. All jokes aside though they have been so loving towards the baby already and I can't wait to see them all together. 


I am not sure if most of you know but both of my boys were c-sections. Once I had Giovanni via emergency c-section I was told all my pregnancies after that would also be via cesarian. It's not something I choose but i'm okay with it now. I even asked my doctor if I would be able to deliver the baby naturally but she said no. Something about it's not allowed in the state of Florida because of all the risks. Even though a c-section has it's own risks but at this point i'm fine with it because this is actually our last baby. It's not safe to have multiple cesarians because the risks increase so we already knew coming into this that I would be getting my tubes tied. 

We are just so thankful with all that God has blessed us with. Stay tuned for the gender reveal pictures this weekend! 


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